the blog and the blogger

The primary purpose of my blog is to bring glory to the sovereign God of creation by thinking carefully and clearly about all things "blogged" here. The primary function of my blog is simply as an outlet for my thoughts and reflections on certain aspects of orthodox Christianity, especially those relating to culture--both Christian and secular. Lately, this seems mostly to mean offering comments on books and articles. As for me, after studying the Humanities at a small liberal arts college in Florida, I am now pursuing a theological education at Southern Seminary in Louisville, KY. Those with whom I am most comfortable (theologically) are confessional evangelicals, and so with them I generally align. Lately, I am learning what it means for Christ to be life's full sufficiency, and how I may practice a life lived in the Spirit. As many of the Reformers, I claim as my prayerful motif, Semper Reformanda (always reforming).

While here in Louisville, I serve as managing editor for Southern Seminary's "Towers" news magazine (check out our blog). And while I am certainly affiliated with the seminary in my role there, any thoughts and opinions appearing here at Always Reforming are solely mine.